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[HH#902402] Re: 2020 Server Improvements


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Username: tog, Server: Johnny, Main domain: tog.heliohost.org


(My first reply got rejected my your email system because of the images in your email. Take two.)


Is there any chance I could donate through the donate page (paypal) and still get the inactivity immunity? Second question: how does that inactivity immunity work? Is it just the next calendar month, or the next month with no login (which could be anytime in the future)?




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Yes, you can donate at https://www.heliohost.org/donate/ and still get the inactivity immunity and storage increase. It won't happen automatically though so make sure you post your transaction ID in this email ticket and we will get you set up.


The inactivity immunity works like this: Say you donate $25, that's 5 months of inactivity immunity. So your account goes into donor mode for 5 months which would be 2021-03-12. You don't need to log in or do anything during those 5 months to keep your account active. Then after the 5 months is up your account goes back into free mode which means you have 30 days before you need to log in. So if you donated $25 today you wouldn't need to log in a single time until 2021-04-11.

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