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Any suggestions on how can I convert questions into answers in PHP


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Hi once again. As some of you might know that I'm currently working on a Machine Learning project in PHP, so I've already asked for help with drawing charts using the PHP GD library and I'm glad to let you know that the problem has been solved. But now I've got another problem (maybe I couldn't understand the logic). So let me describe the problem, as I've finished the basics of a Machine Learning library (Maths, Statistics & Charts), I've started to build the Natural Language Processing (NLP) module, I wouldn't say that the module is not working but not as expected. I've created a bot with a corpus about "Chatbots (from Wikipedia)" to test the module and the bot is replying very well but not as expected and I think I know why, because I couldn't add Grammars & Lemmatization so when I ask the bot something like (who is the created the Chatbots?, what chatbots do?, etc.) it's not replying with a proper answer instead its replying based on the algorithm I've used which is "TFIDF Vector" & "Cosine Similarity" so if I send first 1 or more words it is replying with the sentence that starts with the word(s) I've sent. So basically it's unaware of answering the question formally. And about Lemmatization I'm using the "Lemmatizer by WriteCrow - based on the WordNet project by Princeton University" but I couldn't find a way to implement it and even I don't know if after implementing Lemmatization it will fix the problem or not but it worths a try. So I need a way to implement the feature. If anyone knows anything about it, it'll be a great help for me and obviously I'll get into more troubles when I progress through the project and if anyone would like to contribute/collaborate with me you can reply in this post or PM me.

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