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[Answered] switching to vps?


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i'm planning to switch from tommy to a vps but i can't find what i'm looking for.


I there a way to rent a preinstalled vps? More than the OS only?


I like the comfort using cpanel and don't like to install and maintain all the stuff i need.

The current setup of wambachr.helioshost.org (postgresql, postgis) is fine for me but may be i need more performance and stability 2021. And i want to pay for it ;)





btw: Searching for VPS is rejected on your site:


 -> "The following search terms are not allowed and were removed from your query: vps"

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You're looking for what's basically paid hosting. We're actually considering something like this for 2021 (in fact, watch your email, there's going to be a survey on this to gauge interest in the coming days!), but the details haven't been worked out yet.


In the meantime, Krydos will often be willing to move a site to VPS for you if you ask. A VPS isn't the most straight-forward thing in the world, but you can run something like VestaCP on it if you want a pretty web interface vs. a command line to manage the day to day stuff.


Start by signing up for a VPS here: https://heliohost.org/vps/ You'll get an email with details and instructions, and you can simply reply directly to the email for assistance :)

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