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[Solved] GoFundMe Donation Perks

Computer Nerd Kev

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    • By TypoMustakes
      I recently recommended your service to a family member of mine, who now wishes to join you. They made a donation, the details of which are attached. I wish to request an invitation to Tommy in their name. Their email, which they want to use for their profile, is peter.miskolczi21@gmail.com
      Thanks in advance!

    • By svd500
      Hello HelioHost,
      I just made a donation of $ 2,86
      Username: svd500
      My transaction id = 8G218571HR7609909
      Can you move my account to Tommy server please?
      I used the Ricky server before, but it is out of use.
      Thank you,
      J. Heuvel
    • By udentes
      I just made a donation via PayPal. The transaction code is the following: 8BN162830H8391155
      Could my account now be moved to your best server Tommy?
      Thanks :-)
    • Guest georgene
      By Guest georgene
      Can Heliohost join the Brave Creators program? It would make one click donations avalable to all Brave browser users. I think it would be simple considering you already have a BAT wallet (I suppose with uphold) that you could connect to your heliohost.org domain or your github (probably simpler since you only have to log in with it). Anyway, the program's url is creators.brave.com. Thank you.
    • By sarp
      Hello dear Heliohost Team and users. I've been using heliohost for around 2-3 months. I want to switch from Johnny to Tommy. When I try to donate from the page that is using paypal and credit/debit card as payment method, when I fill in my cridentials it tries to buy it but paypal thing just disappears. Is there any other payment gateway that I can use my debit card? I am living in Europe.
      btw. Sorry for the typo in the title.
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