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Contributing to the Wiki


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    • By Computer Nerd Kev
      I notice that there's a new (since I last checked) wiki. Trouble is that it seems to be missing the one thing that I always checked the wiki for, which was the table of server ports for connecting over SFTP and similar protocols.
      I found the specific port number that I was after by looking in the configuration of another PC, but for the future I'd really like that info restored on the Wiki, and I think I'll save a copy this time - the Wayback Machine didn't even capture it!
    • By space2018
      Does anyone know what the official copyright status of the articles posted on https://wiki.helionet.org/Main_Page is?
      I would like to include some, or all of that content as part of my own wiki? This is permissible if the content is released under Creative Commons or similar license. The wiki itself does not specify the license used.
    • By wolstech
      Please use this topic to request Wiki access.
      To get wiki access, you must have the following qualifications:
      1) You must have been a member of HelioNet for at least 2 weeks.
      2) You must have at least 20 posts.

      If you have met these qualifications, follow these instructions:

      1) Create an account at http://wiki.helionet.org/
      2) Post in this topic, including the following information in your post:
      a. Your HelioNet account name (again).
      b. Your Wiki Account name.
      c. The reason you want Wiki access.
    • By anush
      I added the helio host wiki to Sites using MediaWiki page of http://www.mediawiki.org/
      check it with the link here
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