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[Solved] request could you please add pydrive package?

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    • By udentes
      I just made a donation via PayPal. The transaction code is the following: 8BN162830H8391155
      Could my account now be moved to your best server Tommy?
      Thanks :-)
    • By mhqwang
      Hello, could I please request remote access to the below postgres database:
      host: johnny.heliohost.org
      database: mhqwang_trademedw
      Thank you!
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      I would like to have my account switched to tommy because ricky is now down for maintenance.
      my username is: gekigek9
      the transaction id is: 20522726274464208
      or this: 5ER37504F8869444S (I don't know which one is the correct one)
    • By bwatinc

      I would like to request a PostgreSQL database remote access, will be using in conjunction with Heroku.

      Database Username: bwatinc_bwat
      Server: Tommy.
      Thank You!
      Regards, bwat
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      Is it possible for me to enable git version control option in cPannel?
      My username: edvicone
      Server: ricky
      And I want to know, whether the AutoSSL will be enabled for the added domain edvicon.edu.lk?
      Awaiting your assistance. Thank you.
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