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[Solved] Server move request

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I just made a donation via PayPal. The transaction code is the following: 8BN162830H8391155


Could my account now be moved to your best server Tommy?


Thanks :-)

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    • By gintokki
      Thank you very much in advance!

      username: gintokki
      website: https://gintokki.art
      Transaction ID: 481506415H9731015
      Paid 2 EUR (USD 2,25) via Paypal 
      Have a good day, and thank you for the hard work everyone is doing out here!
    • By TypoMustakes
      I recently recommended your service to a family member of mine, who now wishes to join you. They made a donation, the details of which are attached. I wish to request an invitation to Tommy in their name. Their email, which they want to use for their profile, is peter.miskolczi21@gmail.com
      Thanks in advance!

    • By robertzo
      How can I tell if my account is slowing down the load by 20%. Same with the 20% CPU or memory. I want to know so I can see if my account would get suspended.
    • By svd500
      Hello HelioHost,
      I just made a donation of $ 2,86
      Username: svd500
      My transaction id = 8G218571HR7609909
      Can you move my account to Tommy server please?
      I used the Ricky server before, but it is out of use.
      Thank you,
      J. Heuvel
    • By valenhz
      Could you please add pydrive package? (pip install pydrive)
      i would be very grateful. Thank you in advance.
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