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Ricky Downtime and Tommy Uptime


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First of all we need to apologize for how long the Ricky rebuild is taking. Literally everything that could go wrong has. We're still working on it and hope to get the Ricky rebuild done soon.


Because Ricky has been down for so long everyone is jumping ship and moving to Tommy, but that has overloaded Tommy. Tommy's uptime is now below 99% which is completely unacceptable. As of today we are suspending all free signups on Tommy until further notice to help stabilize what is supposed to be our best server. If you'd like to donate to get a Tommy account you still can, but we need to limit the number of new accounts to bring the load down. We have also been adjusting some variables on Tommy which should help with the uptime too. If you're already on Tommy please do everyone a favor though and try not to cause a lot of load for a while until we can get everything balanced out again. Thanks.

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