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[Solved] Slow VPS

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My VPS has slowed to a crawl for the past 8 hours: it started taking time to respond, and now all SSH and HTTP connection attempts are timing out: the only way I know my server is still alive is through a ping. I've seen this happen for short stretches before, but this is the first time it's been down for so long.


Could someone check if this is a problem specific to my server or an issue across all VPSes? The only unusual thing I did today was to try upgrading wallabag (which is a PHP app) on YunoHost; the upgrade failed early because of some connection issues so I think the problem was already there before.


VPS domains: hippo2.heliohost.org and members.snipettemag.com


Thanks in advance!

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By the way, if you need to restart the VPS or anything feel free to do so; everything's down anyway so it's not going to make a difference  :mellow: (just giving you the permission in advance!)

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Your VPS had a process with a memory leak of some sort. It filled all available memory and filled all the swap too, and was maxed out on cpu usage and hard drive usage. The console was completely unresponsive so I did a hard power reset and it seems to have booted up ok now. You might be able to figure out what process went nuts and used up all your memory by looking through the system logs.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks! The runaway process must have taken over again when I checked, because I wasn't able to log in or even ping, but it's stabilised now and I have some inkling as to what the problem was. (My YunoHost had many dyndns processes running; I'm not sure why but I removed the DynDNS domain name since I don't use it anyway).


Do you think there's a way you could provide "hard reset VPS" buttons to users? Just for poweroff and (re)boot. I think it would make things easier, because (a) I won't have to worry about powering off the system in such a way that I can't turn it on again and (b\) if some memory situations happens I can reboot myself instead of having to ask each time. I'm not sure how that would work in your setup though, but maybe you could have an email-based API or something that pushes the vmware buttons internally?

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      This is not a specific issue but a general question. Is there a way to manually reboot my HelioHost VPS without contacting customer support?
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