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[Solved] Move to Tommy server

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Hello, since ricky server has been down for quite some time, i decided to pay to move to Tommy, however due to something wrong on my end, paypal did not work so i ended up paying using Litecoin.


here is the LTC transaction ID: 9809c3303f66df7d2f87e46a76f33e99ff8355343a1cdfd5cc14dbaeb1e87e91


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No it's not. I'm able to open all of the domains on the account just fine. If you're stuck with a queued page, either your local network, your computer, or your ISP is caching the content or some stale DNS records.


I see this for the three domains on your account:


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also, since you are already here, i have a issue with cPanel where im stuck in the survey menu, and cant seem to get out of it and tried getting help in the Discord, but they couldnt do much.

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      username: gintokki
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      I recently recommended your service to a family member of mine, who now wishes to join you. They made a donation, the details of which are attached. I wish to request an invitation to Tommy in their name. Their email, which they want to use for their profile, is peter.miskolczi21@gmail.com
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