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[Solved] Donations via PayPal

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Hi, I became interested in the benefits described on the GoFundMe donation page and decided to make a donation. But for some reason I don't know, I can't use GoFundMe, so I opted for PayPal. On this donation page, I read that I was supposed to send an email, after making the donation to (admin@heliohost.org), as I didn't receive a response, I contacted (support@heliohost.org) and after I sent my data, and I have not received any more responses. I don't understand, is this normal? Did I do something wrong? Did I send messages to the right places?


I thank the attention.

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The email support is currently only manned by one person (Krydos). Most of our support is through this forum.


If you post the donation transaction ID here, I can look it up and apply the gifts to your account :)

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WOW. You're already on Tommy, your quota has been increased to its maximum of 5000MB, and your next login date has been pushed out until July 1, 2022 (13 months). Make sure you log in again starting in July 2022 to avoid an inactivity suspension.


Thank you for the generous donation! :D :)

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