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subdomain or alias


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I have a subdomain on public_html : duo/

If I use subdomain from Cpanel I've got: duo.maena.heliohost...

I can do : maena.heliohost.us/duo/

Is it possible to redirect  maena.heliohost.us/duo/ into an alias like this : duo.heliohost.us/

If this is possible it would be very useful !

Thank you !

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You can use .htaccess to redirect people from a subdirectory to a subdomain. Post some actual subdirectory and subdomain names instead of examples and I can write some actual .htaccess code for you.

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Thank you !

I will check the htaccess after modification to learn how to do.

Where is the htacess file located in the ftp structure ?

The existing subdirectory is "duo".

1. Could you please redirect maena.heliohost.us/maena/ into this : maena.heliohost.us

2. Could you please redirect maena.heliohost.us/duo/ into this : duo.heliohost.us (no matter if alias 1 is not possible)


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To make .htaccess visible you'll need to go Cpanel->file manager->setting

and enable hidden files and if you can't still see it, then create it but it must look look like .htaccess

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Posted (edited)

Put this in /home/maena/public_html/maena/.htaccess

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/maena/ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://maena.heliohost.us$1 [R=301,L]
Put this in /home/maena/public_html/duo/.htaccess

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/duo/ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://duo.heliohost.us$1 [R=301,L]
Obviously I haven't tested this so let me know if it doesn't work and we can try to figure out why. Edited by Krydos
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The 2 files have been put to the 2 correct paths.

However there is no success for the 2 url loading.

If you have the possibility to fix the 2 aliases that would be great because I don't have the knowledge for this.

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Thank you, the 2 redirections are OK.

The redirection for duo works. But if the address is directly opened it returns "server not found".

The redirection works: https://maena.heliohost.us/duo/

The direct url does not work, "Server not found": https://duo.heliohost.us/


The goal of the alias is to be used as a direct address.

I tried on my side but could not get it work.
Could you please adapt the duo htaccess in order it to work as a direct address, so that https://duo.heliohost.us/  opens directly the page please ?


Maybe this is just the htaccess not loading the default pages ?

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Still: https://duo.heliohost.us/

Returns : "Server not found"

The folder contains an index.html that should load. (and .htaccess file that you created)


Pointing it : https://duo.heliohost.us/index.html

Returns : "Server not found"


Is it possible to use directly: https://duo.heliohost.us/

Where "duo" is a subdomain. Logically it requires some action on your server side, not in htaccess.


Please could this problem be solved before this week-end. I just need to type : https://duo.heliohost.us/

and to see the page loading. I suppose it's just a configuration on your server side.

Could you please make sure that it works this time ?


Subdomain: duo

Actually works: maena.heliohost.us/duo/

KO: duo.maena.heliohost.us (subdomain is created, but url does not load it)

KO: duo.heliohost.us/

Goal: https://duo.heliohost.us/

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