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Cheap (paid) domain names

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This topic targets cheap, paid domains. Free domains have a separate topic:

Have you already donated to HelioHost? If so, you will be able to pay for the domain names.
There was a lot of talk on Discord about domain names, so I found it convenient to post this.

HelioHost is currently offering SUBDOMAIN.heliohost.us to new users.
Since .us is a ccTLD, it may adversely affect search results in areas other than the US.
It will be one factor for you to add a custom domain.

If you find it difficult to maintain on HelioHost,
you can keep your web and mail in the same domain even if you move the server.
Of course, it is also effective to move from another server to HelioHost.



TLD LIST is ideal for you to find the domains.
The registrar rating here really looks like the user is posting.

What top-level domains do you know other than .com and .net?
Currently, there are over 1500 types of TLDs!




.pp.ua can be registered and updated for free from nic.ua. Therefore, it is treated as a free domain.



.feedback provides a dedicated feedback system. Not suitable for use with common servers, including HelioHost.


Global Registry Services


.accountant .bid .cricket .date .download .faith .loan .men .party .racing .review .science .stream .trade .webcam .win

This is a domain with volatile prices.
At one point it was under $1, but sometimes it was over $10.
The TLD LIST price fluctuation graph shows it clearly.
You may be charged a high renewal fee later after registering these at a low price.
To keep it in good condition, you should register for multiple years.




The .ovh domain is cheap, but the OVH control panel is confusing and occasionally stores queues for a few days. And the support system doesn't really work.
Can't you register a domain at a nearby OVH? You should be able to register from OVH.ie. However, a 23% tax will be added.
You can see an interesting episode on nic.ovh where this .ovh domain was born.



.bond .cfd .cyou .icu .sbs

I wonder why they applied for such a TLD,
(.sbs is originally managed by another registry)
In particular, .cyou and .icu have been maintained at relatively low prices from the beginning.
Due to the above elimination method, .cyou is one of the recommended TLDs at this stage.

Additional Information


HelioHost is partnered with Namecheap. For you to find a domain.

You will be able to register your domain for free someday after posting to HelioNet. ($10 or less)

Top-level domains are still being added. Please add the latest information and questions you know and their answers to the comments.
They will surely help those who are looking here to use custom domain in HelioHost.

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Free domains require additional work to register with cPanel. (Explained in that topic)
Many of the domains you buy can be registered with cPanel without worrying about this. Follow the steps on the Wiki.


You can register .com, .net, etc. to cPanel immediately, but some top-level domains will fail,
so please wait a while and try registering again. (This depends on the registry server)

This domain can be configured in addition to the current main domain. Or you can change the main domain.

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Oh, there was also Freenom here... but many would recognize it as the free domains: .cf .ga .gq .ml .tk 😩
You can find a sad story about Freenom on that topic. If you were using Freenom, you will experience it someday.

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