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2 minutes ago, allu62 said:

Had I to post the transaction code here or elsewhere?

Yes, what is the transaction id? I’m not seeing any transactions in PayPal using your email address. Thanks.

2 minutes ago, allu62 said:

more exactly my "sponsor"

I think this is why the payment isn't being linked to your VPS in the system. Once you provide the transaction id everything should be fine. You can email it to me or post it here.

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2 hours ago, gleason said:

I used bitcoin, worked really well for me.

Yeah, Bitcoin is great. If people would like to pay for VPS with crypto I would prefer if they paid for at least 6 months at a time because I have to manually keep track of non-PayPal payments and edit the database by hand. If people pay via PayPal the database updates itself and I don't have to do anything. Since we have rather limited staff it's always best to automate things as much as possible.

The VPS payments page is working 100% now, but at the time of that post only people with an address in the US could buy a VPS because PayPal thought we needed to physically ship something to them. I fixed that problem by setting NO_SHIPPING flag on the payment. That allows anyone in any country to order a VPS because PayPal knows we're not sending them any physical product.

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