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Do you know that HelioHost has lost cPanel?

This stopped mail from working. Currently no email is available.
For custom domain mail, you can temporarily change the server and use mail.

Introduce Plesk instead. The email will now be available again.

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Until we have Plesk working, email is not available. It'll probably be a month before we have a working server again as they require a full rebuild. Balloons posted the news above.

If you need email in the meantime, you may want to use an external email provider (any service that allows custom email domains should work, Zoho and Yandex have both been mentioned in the past as choices that work). A VPS is also an option, but getting an email server installed and working without a control panel can be a challenge (though definitely possible, at least one person here has done it).

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Probably not of much help, but for what it's worth my email accounts on Tommy were all set to forward to other addresses hosted by an email provider, and the forwarding kept on working so I don't think I lost anything (except maybe when I was switching the DNS records over to my VPN replacement server). Maybe if putting a .forward file in your home directory worked on Heliohost you can do that via sftp and forward mail to your [username]@mysite.heliohost.org (etc.) address somewhere else while the server's still up.

I have just now set up an email server via SSH on a VPN (not heliohost's, just because if I'm setting up a VPS I'd like to be able to use Heliohost as a backup if it goes down in the future, and if Heliohost's VPS server goes down in the future the web hosting is likely to have troubles at the same time). This guide is a little too concise in places, but it helped. I still need to set up auth in Postfix (currently it's set not to send emails from any other computers so I'm using my ISP's SMTP server instead), and SSL in Dovecot.

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