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Cannot login to tommy (cpanel and webmail) - Maximum Users Exceeded


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Since a couple of days, I'm unable to connect to tommy through webmail and using web clients (thunderbird). Yesterday, I've tried logging in cpanel with the main heliohost account and I get the following error message


Maximum Users Exceeded.

The number of users on the server exceeds the maximum number of allowed users for your host server.

For more information, contact your hosting provider: “Who is my hosting provider?

If you have already updated your license, please wait a few minutes. Then try logging in again.

I'm pretty sure my account has not been deactivated, what could be the issue here?

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Cpanel revoked our licenses and tried to demand $17k from us (basically they tried to extort us) so cpanel and email no longer work. The only thing you can do at this point is back your stuff up via FTP or wait for backups to be made for you. The servers are going to be rebuilt with plesk instead, but that will take a month or two.




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You can upload phpmyadmin onto your account using FTP, then visit it in your browser and sign in using your cpanel username/password. From there you can modify or export the databases.

Also, if you're on Tommy we're already working on backing up the accounts. Once that happens, you'll be able to visit our website and download a backup that contains your files and databases.

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