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[HH#711470] Language display issues


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Looking at your global community map, I've noticed that place names in Arabic & Hebrew are spelled backwards: these languages should be written right-to-left, not left-to-right.
In addition, Arabic orthography requires maintaining joining rules between the letters, while in your map they are all detached.

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Well, on? OpenStreetMap?the names are displayed correctly. On?HelioHost they are still backwards.Sorry!?
???? ?????, 18 ????? 2021, 15:40:47 GMT?+3?,? HelioHost Support? ???/?:

??? It has just been updated.https://www.heliohost.org/map/

??? This map uses OpenStreetMap. The HelioHost site will not have added this.https://www.openstreetmap.org/

??? If you can see the same issue on the site above, please report it to OpenStreetMap.

You may view the status of your ticket by visiting:


Thank you,
Heliohost support

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Interesting. Thank you for reporting this. I would have never figured it out myself as I can't even begin to read Arabic or Hebrew. Like Balloons said though it is just a map template created and maintained by a third party. The map tiles themselves aren't even hosted on our servers. We're just using a javascript library to display them. I'll pass the report along to the map service though, and maybe look at some different theme options that might have the right to left language fonts correct.

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