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[Krydos] Install Hestia and change domain on my VPS

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I have an app that relies on a Tommy server. The app needs HTTP access for the updates, and MySQL access for the app functions.

Since Tommy will be offline for a week or so during the transition to Plesk, I want to move to an VPS, but I have 2 problems:

1. To connect to the MySQL database on Tommy, the hostname in the app is tommy.heliohost.org. Even if I got an VPS, I can't get the app to connect to the database unless I release a new version with the new hostname. To combat this, I made the app check for updates first before trying to connect to the MySQL database (so I can release a new version without stopping the old versions), but that arises the second problem:

2. The app checks for updates on abbodmar.heliohost.us. If I got an VPS, can I retain this domain until Tommy is back again?

For the app to function, I need one of these problems solved. If I can connect to the MySQL database with the hostname tommy.heliohost.org, the app will function normally even if the updates server is down. If this can't be done, I need the updates server domain (abbodmar.heliohost.us) so I can release a new version with my VPS hostname to connect to the database. If both problems can't be solved, the app will cease to function completely. I hope this isn't the case.

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It's a single DNS record, so yes he can keep his domain. K would have to set it up for him, but it's definitely possible.

The vps?? domain is the default subdomain that users get with a VPS, but there's nothing keeping a user from having a normal subdomain alongside it (or any other domain for that matter).

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Thanks all for help!

I purchased an VPS with the username youmna and domain vps41.heliohost.us (I travelled to another country temporary so I used another PayPal account, I can provide all VPS details that came via email if you want to verify). I want to install Hestia (with all of MySQL stuff) and change the domain to abbodmar.heliohost.us

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