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Johnny Backups Done


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Johnny is now done backing up too, and links to download the full backups are being emailed to all of the active accounts. If you don't get an email for some reason you can download your backup from https://www.heliohost.org/backup/ If you're having trouble downloading your backup let us know and we can help. The backup files contain all of your files, databases, emails, and all of your cPanel settings. If you need any help extracting the information you're looking for from your backup let us know and we can help with that as well.

We will be taking Tommy offline before much longer to begin the Plesk installation. Since all the Tommy websites are still online right now we are trying to minimize the downtime by getting everything as ready as possible prior to wiping the server. We're also waiting on Plesk customer support to assist with some of the details of the transition. We'll make another news post when Tommy goes offline.

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