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[HH#218100] Re: CPanel Licenses Revoked


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Username: yoe06, Server: Tommy, Main domain: yoe06.heliohost.us

thank you for the service, so far my website is still online, there is only
a problem with the invalid pop3 email

Pada tanggal Sen, 19 Jul 2021 pukul 22.55 HelioHost

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> CPanel Licenses Revoked
> Hey yoe06,
> You're receiving this email because you have an active account on the
> Tommy server.
> A few days ago, with absolutely no prior warning, cPanel unexpectedly
> revoked all of our licenses, and are now trying to charge us over $17,000
> per year to renew them. Obviously since we're a non-profit funded by
> donations we don't have anywhere near that kind of money to pay their
> ransom.
> We've been a faithful cPanel license holder since 2005, and over the past
> 16 years we haven't had any issues with them at all until today. Our
> servers are all inexorably intertwined with cPanel/WHM and all the
> customizations and systems we've written over the years are worthless
> without cPanel.
> If you try to log in to cPanel it will give you errors and not let you log
> in, but we've managed to create full backups for everyone. If you click the
> download backup link below it will allow you to save a compressed file that
> contains all of your files, databases, emails, and all of your cPanel
> settings. If you need help extracting the information you're looking for
> from the backup please let us know by replying to this email or posting on
> our support forums at https://www.helionet.org/
> Don't worry though, we have already signed an even better contract with an
> even better control panel. We will be taking your server offline soon to
> rebuild it using Plesk instead of cPanel. We've never set up a Plesk server
> before so it may take a couple of weeks to get it all ready to go. Once
> it's ready we will attempt to restore the full cPanel backups onto the new
> Plesk control panel.
> In the meantime your site will be offline until we can finish the rebuild
> though. If you need to keep your website online during the rebuild the only
> kind of hosting we can offer without cPanel licenses is our VPS service. A
> month of the basic Mercury VPS plan only costs $4, and we hope that we can
> have your server back online in less than a month.
> By default, all the VPS plans only come with a bare Ubuntu 20 operating
> system and root SSH access. If you're not very familiar with SSH we can
> also install a free control panel called Hestia for you which comes with a
> script that should be able to import your full cPanel backup file into the
> VPS. The link to order a VPS is https://www.heliohost.org/vps/ If you
> would like Hestia installed too please reply to this email or post on our
> support forum to request it. You can also request it by replying after you
> receive your SSH login credentials.
> We're truly sorry that we won't be able to provide free hosting for a
> while, and it's really terrible that we weren't able to even give any
> advance notice to our users, but like we said it was completely unexpected
> that cPanel did this to us. If you have any questions of comments we would
> love to hear from you. You can simply reply to this email, and it will be
> posted for our volunteers and community to respond to. Thanks for being a
> HelioHost user.
> Download Backup
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> Email]
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Yes, we've had several reports that email no longer works. What you can do in the meantime is use an external DNS provider, such as Cloudflare, and set your A record to to continue hosting your website on Tommy, and set your MX records to a free email service such as Zoho. We're going to try to transfer your account to Plesk with zero downtime. We're not entirely sure it's going to work quite yet, but when we've proved it is possible we'll make an official news post about it.

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