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Timeout on hestia update

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Hi. For 3 days, I get an email from my VPS cron service; email title: "Cron <admin@vps43> sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-update-sys-hestia-all". Message: "Error: Timeout was reached". Someone has an idea what may be the reason of this? And, more important, is it sth I have to worry about?

Another, non-related question: My avstats now works fine, except that I do not succeed in displaying the full download list. I get a "page not found", what is normal, because there is no downloads.html generated in the monthly directories. I looked at the avstats config file, but did not see what I have to change. On Tommy, it worked well...


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I haven't used Hestia, but from what I can make out, there's a cron job that automatically tries to run `v-update-system-hestia-all` every so often. I'm guessing it's some sort of auto-update command for Hestia. If it's timing it out means Hestia wasn't able to auto-update but I'm not sure why that could be.

Does Hestia have a manual "check for updates" options somewhere? If so, you could try running it and see what kind of error it gives (if any).

Not sure about avstats (or did you mean awstats?) because I haven't used it. What is a download list, exactly?

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Hestia obviously does an auto-update, because since I run my VPS, two new versions were installed. Successfully. For the manual update possibility I will see; thanks for the tip.

It's awstats, of course. Beside the  top N (10) pages viewed and the top N files downloaded, awstats normally gives the possibility (via a link) to display the full list of all pages viewed as well as of all files downloaded. On  my VPS, the full list works for the pages viewed, but not for the downloads. On Tommy, this worked well and I used the two full lists for my site statistics, in particular to count the most often downloaed Free Pascal executables and sources.

awstats on my VPS seems to have another problem. For some days, it seems not to do any statistics update at all and this day seems always to be Saturday. I hope that on Tommy with Plesk all will work as before.

Thanks for your help.


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I've also noticed that the VPSs are slow sometimes due to the hard drive array its on. Since Johnny and the VPSs share the same drives, IOPs drops sometimes and everyone is affected. You can see Krydos' statement about it here:

Your timeout issue might be related to that if this happened out of the blue and all other variables are constant (free CPU/memory/disk).

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