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Why some questions, made in the forum, are never answered?


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One of the most amazing experiences, that I made during the setup of my waiting-for-Tommy-VPS, was to learn to know how powerful are a community and a forum like the HelioHost's one. Without the help of their admins and the forum members, I would have never succeeded. Thanks!

As I got quick and helpful answers to all my questions, I was surprised that my last post (made last Wednesday: https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/44536-timeout-on-hestia-update/), with actually 92 views, has never been answered and I wondered what the reason could be. I've found several possible answers:

1. Did I ask to many questions before?

2. Did I post in the wrong forum?

3. As the questions concern Hestia and Awstats, i.e. specific software, is it not previewed to answer related questions? Not previewed and well seen to post such questions in this forum?

4. Is getting an answer (at least partially) a question of chance? The chance, that someone, who actually knows an answer and considers the question important enogh to be answered, reads the post? In my actual case, may one reason be, that the post title is badly chosen?

5. As I saw another not-answered post, made on Thursday, may the reson simply be due to the special situation, where the HelioHost stuff has more than lots to do with the servers re-installation?

You may argue, why all these concerns, if, anyway, I intend to use my VPS only until Tommy is back. I guess, that's how I am. If I do sth, I want to do it as well as possible and understand as much as possible of what I do. The messages concerning Hestia update have stopped and there is no real importance if Awstats works or not. But I really thought that these messages could mean that there's sth important not working correctly. And Awstats running perfectly on Tommy, and I myself not having found how to include a full download list (I also think that for two days, awstats did not update the stats?), I hoped to find someone in the forum, who knows Awstats well or who experienced similar problems and perhaps solved them.

Sorry for this long post and sorry, if (during my VPS setup), I asked for help to often. Anyway, independently of what ever, HelioHost are unique on the net. Thanks for having the chance to be part of this great community with their even greater "free webspace for everyone" philosophy, for three and a half years.

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It's a combination of Krydos being extremely busy with the rebuildsĀ and none of us knowing the answer.

None of the mods and admins here use Hestia so unless some random other user who uses it knows, the odds of getting an answer are slim. Krydos knows a little about it and is a linux expert, but I've never used it myself and only have the documentation and the contents of the posts to go on, especially considering I'm a Windows guy.

For awstats, many of us including myself have used cpanel's preinstalled implementation of it, but we've never installed it or configured it ourselves, so once again we have little to no experience with what you're trying to do.

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That explains a lot. Thanks.

Trying to understand as much as possible of what I do and trying to do as it should be done (in particular as I intend to write a VPS tutorial for my website), I have some more questions concerning various components. Is it ok to post them or is there a limit, where you say "He really begins to tap on our nerfs"?

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