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Wp2Static Plugin Alternative

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Remember the Wp2Static plugin. I found out that it uses a lot of resources. Here is a tutorial that I have tested and made sure it works (I am posting a link to a comment I made on a fairly old topic. I noticed that because it is so old, nobody saw it): https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/43689-solved-suspended-google12/?do=findComment&comment=192921

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WP2static not only saves resources, but also makes your website secure. I stopped using WP because I've seen many improved websites.
You may also consider a CDN if you are far from the US. The choice of WP2Static facilitates the introduction of CDN.

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Perhaps one user saw this comment and asked me a question on Discord.
I'm not currently using WP at all. Therefore, I cannot answer any related questions.
I've seen a lot of webs destroyed using PHP and MySQL.

Still, I knew WP2Static because I recently saw this page:


The WP to build at this time should be on your local PC. Not HelioHost.

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