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Some further VPS questions...


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Hi everyone. Trying to set up my VPS as well as possible and trying to understand a maximum of how things work, here some further questions, I did not find an answer to, myself.

1. Apache and Nginx seem be running all the time, whereas MariaDB and other servers seem being restarted rather frequently. Is this what's usually the case, or might this indicate a restart caused by some problem?

2. The logs show relatively frequent IP bans by the firewall. Are these hack trials? Maybe, people trying to connect via SSH?

3. MariaDB users are created as "%" users. Am I right, that changing them to "localhost" users would be more secure and this would be ok, if the only connections, I intend to do, are through phpMyAdmin of the VPS?

4. There seems nobody in this forum, who knows awstats (I do not arrive to make it produce an "All downloads" list, that I use as base for my own monthly statistics). Is it possible to get the HelioHost configuration file of awstats, though I could compare their settings (that were well working on Tommy) with my actual ones (configured by Hestia).

Thanks for any suggestions.

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1. This could be normal, or could be an issue. You'd need to look at logs to know.

2. Could be a bunch of things. Hacking attempts is one of them. It's completely normal to see this, just means the firewall is doing its job.

3. Yes. If you don't need remote access for a specific user, you could change the part after the @ to localhost so only stuff running on your VPS can log in using that account.

4. We don't have one, we used whatever came with cpanel.

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