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[HH#450367] Plesk Installation Progress


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Username: itc, Server: Tommy, Main domain: nifomat.heliohost.org

Hello Heliohost, good day.

First and foremost I really want to appreciate the upgrade or change to
Plesk Control Panel, having seen comparisons to the former cpanel control
manager. Your efforts are appreciated by me -- the Heliohost Team.

please in regards to that, i want to know the status of plesk control panel
readiness and progress on when it will be ready for use. will it be ready
before the ending of September that we are now in? or in two weeks from
today being 1st of sept. 2021.

This is to follow up on when we will be able to use our websites and update
its content. Is there a channel or a dedicated page where progress is
listed, if there is, please let me in on it.

Thank you. awaiting your reply.

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News on this forum is all about the official status of Plesk progress.
Discord may get informal but detailed information.

We're working on Tommy in particular, and I think the Plesk migration will start soon,
but We are experiencing a postponement of that start period.
Therefore, the specific date is not yet certain. Anyway we have to wait.
You should make a schedule based on that premise.

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