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[HH#247241] Security problem with https://aleden.heliohost.org/


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Username: aleden, Server: Tommy, Main domain: aleden.heliohost.org

Hi - I'm aware you are doing stuff on the servers at the moment, but I'm
hoping you can help me with a problem that's just come up.?? I'm getting
a warning signal from Firefox with https://aleden.heliohost.org/ -
"/Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead.? Firefox detected an issue and
did not continue to aleden.heliohost.org. The website is either
misconfigured or your computer clock is set to the wrong time.? It?s
likely the website?s certificate is expired, which prevents Firefox from
connecting securely"/

I can connect to http://aleden.heliohost.org and see my top directory
but since I have all my real web pages set to switch to https whatever
url was entered, I'm getting the error signal when I try to connect to a
web page.

When the problem started at the end of last week, I got the error signal
on subdomains eg https://remix.aleden.heliohost.org/ but not
https://aleden.heliohost.org/remix/.?? Now I've got it with my whole site.

I think I'm on Tommy.? If you can't do anything about it till the server
is reconfigured, I'll understand, but I hope you can fix it sooner.


*Alex Bain*
+44 1256 477447

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This has already been reported by multiple users on the HelioNet forums.
Due to the death of cPanel, the free certificate AutoSSL has not been renewed.
This period is 90 days. This certificate has expired in sequence.

Using http: is a workaround for this issue.
You may be able to manually install the certificate from SFTP, but we haven't reported any success with this yet.

Of course, moving to Plesk will improve this.
aleden.heliohost.org is correct on the Tommy server. So you will get Plesk in a relatively short time.
You can also wait for it.

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