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Where to host files online free no limits


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Hi there

I have a question that i wonder and that peoples on the street i have heard asked.

Is there some place where peoples can put data files online to save and share with all, that can be many documents as video files, pdf files, images files, audio files; that it can be stored for ever and not taken out? This not taken out by some politics, laws or destroyed. Just kept for the years to come to remember good things or bad things, like politicians, weather, journalists, etc. I'm not making any discriminations or accusations at all.

There is many peoples i have heard, that would like to archive files (no nudd), about the things politician says, journalist says, newspaper says, all sort of events. That can be used and shared for journalist, historian, archives. Some kind of history database of all sort of things for citizens? That is kept and not erased or censured, no adult nudd content at all.

Thank's for your time and help. I'm asking this not only for me, but for peoples i have heard on the street; that would like to become journalist or historians this type of documents.



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Well google drive have some limitations. First peoples are limited to 15Go free for multiple services, that is up to 15gig. If you want to have more then the user must pay each month, or by year.

Here is a website that mention fiew online storage (dont know if it's good)?:


But for peoples that want to archive news, like some events that has happened, the promiss of politicians, and many more. Like if peoples want to archive news about politician or events. Like the covid-19 event things. Like this person had won this olympic medal. It could be historical places that is destroyed, so the next generations that come in the future could see images (like instantstreetview) that this place existed at that place trough time. There is so many things.

It could be this politician had make this and that promiss at that date, to see if some politicians trough history had changed there ideas or have kept there promiss. What things had changed trough time into the citizen of this city in this country. There is all sort of possibilities.

Me i do think i have taken printscreens of Instantstreetview, of a bingo place that many peoples played into; that is destroyed and cleaned. So like that the generations that come could know there was a bingo place at this and it look as the images shown. Or maybe take images of newspaper of what is said by politicians that is dated, then what is done and not done trough time; if the situations have gotten worst or better. Brief many informations trough time. It might help citizen or journalist or historian saying this person had said this at this place, this time, this date, on this social medium for the interrest of peoples. Maybe trough time peoples could create some movies, or books of some stories of the past.


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I understand. But think it would be good for peoples, what could maybe pay them is to show some advertisers banner; something like that.

I do agree Heliohost is the "best", more then 10 years i'm with you. I real like you and appreciate you guys sincerely. It sad i think i cant access to my webmail with my browser, because there was peoples that suggested to me free legal softwares; that i could check and maybe put a link to it in my free software sections.

Your the best. A+

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On 9/14/2021 at 11:08 PM, Seekier said:

How about google drive ??

Recently Google has begun to apply deleting data from accounts that haven't been used for two years.


There are several alternative storage services, but they all have their limitations.
Provider company, country, etc. There is also the possibility of service outages.
That's true even if you're using a domain.
Even .com has a registrar and a registry (VeriSign). It is under the jurisdiction of US law.
The workaround would be to save it to your local PC or smartphone.

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