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Guys I know I know you are working hard to tackle the cpanel crisis. 

However recently website is getting security issue, feedback for your info.  Also the website no longer resolve correctly.  Kind Regards


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1 hour ago, fuzmic said:

Hi Japan, i have no access to cpanel.  Moreover dont have SSL certification warning without a real certificate.  I now forget how i did it before.

You can access your files with Filezilla. FTP still works. That way you can upload your files such as a SSL certificate. Krydos can handle the install for you once it's been uploaded.

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A certificate is always required for https (SSL).

cPanel issued own certificate "AuroSSL". Now this is dead so the certificate will not be renewed.
Therefore the certificate has expired. That is the cause of this problem.

This workaround is what we have answered so far. If you need it right away.
Or you can wait for the Plesk installation to complete. Plesk could provide the issuance of SSL certificates.

I moved the website running on my custom domain to HelioHost VPS to work around this issue.
VPS can also choose the method of issuing the SSL certificate.

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Thank you to the unknown.


I am using my android total commander FTP plugin to do FTP

I think i have resolved this quest by using dns lookup and find my IP address of peace2u.heliohost.org and hence go into it to do FTP access - SOLVED. Now left to actual get the ssl and upload to Krydos.


Edited by fuzmic
FTP resolved.
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