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[Solved] Tommy FSockOpen PHP?


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hi, i have a PHP script that uses FSockOpen() to communicate with some game servers to get info, however i was told that ports are blocked and to ask here to allow ports here?

if you can, can you unblock ports 27014 thru 27100 on my site, so that i can access the game servers using PHP?

i tried to use it before without knowing this was a thing, thinking my script was just broken (though it worked on XAMPP)

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We won't open ports on the shared hosting even if the control panel was working. You need a VPS for that.


Wait, are you asking for inbound or outbound ports? We can open outbound ports. At first read I was thinking you were asking for inbound.

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Posted (edited)
18 hours ago, Krydos said:

Why do you need 86 ports? The most anyone has ever requested is like 2 or 3.

Source Engine servers requires 3 ports to function (main port, source query port, and some mysterious port), and i have various source servers running, and there is a glitch with the dedicated servers where sometimes the servers decide to ignore the chosen ports and adds 1 port to the port (27015 would end up as 27016)


edit: i found out what the 3rd port is used for, it is used for RCON/Remote Control of the server (read/write server data,  do commands, etc)

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found out what the 3rd port is used for
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1 hour ago, Krydos said:

So will it work with 3 ports instead of 86 then? If so what 3 ports do you need?

no, it requires 3 ports PER server instance (forgot to clarify about that sorry) i have 27 servers running with various games and maps

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