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There is no official ETA at this time. A few months is probably a reasonable guess.

Currently, donors are slowly being moved as the new implementation is developed and debugged, with highest paying donors first. These donor migrations are basically beta users whose accounts are being used to test a migration script. Free users go last, and only after existing free users migrate will new users be accepted (we have to ensure there's capacity for all existing users first). We're currently working on the Tommy server, so that will be the first server to accept registrations when it finally does open.

VPSes are the only option available at the moment. Many of our free and donor users bought a VPS to keep their site online during the Plesk migration, and if you do go the VPS route, we can assist in setting it up as well as moving you to shared hosting once it becomes available if desired. Some of our VPS users have said they plan to do that, while others have said they like the VPS better because they have full access to it unlike shared hosting and plan to keep it.


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