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I wonder when i'll be from Tommy to Plesk


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Hi there i wonder when i'll be from Tommy to Plesk? It's been quite a while, and i wonder when i can login into Heliohost, then see the new Plesk menus panels (cpanel look and use i wonder?). Well i'm glad to still be with you and that you keep my free website. At leass you know by writing you, that i want to stay with you; as i have did for more then 10 years.

Thank's for your services, your time and for your answers.



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None of the staff know right now. The only answer i can give to you honestly is: it will be done when its done.

Thank you for sticking with us this long. It means a lot to us when we have users who have been through the good, bad and ugly with us and still stick by us. 

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