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[HH#768384] VPS and/or Plesk invite


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Username: proavia1, Server: Tommy, Main domain: proaviator.com

Looking to better understand what VPS is. Is it something I sign up for and
then basically have access to my domain again?

Save for that, is there a donation/payment option to fast track into the
plesk beta?

Core issue is I desperately need to manage my email settings or somehow get
the entire domain email forwarded so I can work with it offsite while Tommy
is fixed.

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VPS is an entire virtual server in a VM. It's a paid offering with a monthly fee, not free, but you get the entire server to yourself with root access to run whatever code you want. Many of our users use them for web and email hosting, but you could also use it for things like hosting a game server, code compilation, etc. If you have no experience with running a linux server, we can help you set it up. Krydos and Yashrs are the two who handle VPS sales and support. If you decide to buy, you can reply to the welcome email for assistance.

Please be aware there is currently a wait list for VPSes.

Last I heard on the Plesk beta, there wasn't any actual Plesk access included in that since it wasn't ready yet. All of the testers so far had effectively donated their account to being a guinea pig. That said, it is being done in order with largest donors first. I don't know what that number is, but last I heard the next in line had donated several hundred dollars (you could get a $4/month VPS for several years and pay less).

As for hosting mail externally, if you just want to use an outside mail service, Krydos can change the DNS records for your domain manually to use the outside mail server. If you go this route, please post on the forums with the DNS records the outside mail service wants you to set and we can make the changes.

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All very good and accurate information above. The only thing I want to add is paying for a VPS counts towards getting your account moved to Plesk faster. We're moving people in order of who donated most so even if you only buy the smallest VPS for only one month that counts as a $4 donation, and it moves you in front of thousands of people who have donated $3 or less.

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