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[Solved] Shut down: vps35


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Unfortunately I need to ask the VPS admin to do the shutdown work.
My VPS: vps35.heliohost.us

This VPS adopts Rocky. Rocky upgraded many packages a few hours ago. I can't connect to ssh after updating this package.
Normally I should ask for a VPS reboot, but I was considering shutting down the VPS, This was a good time to shut down the VPS.
I am considering using Morty instead of this VPS in the future. (I have to wait a while for Morty to be released)
Or I may sign up for a VPS again in the future.

Krydos and a few moderators at Discord led me to HelioHost VPS. It provided me with a great experience.
I am grateful to meet the staff at HelioHost and everyone who uses it.

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  • Krydos changed the title to [Solved] Shut down: vps35

I'm hearing about yashrs from Krydos. Because you are involved in server work these days. Thank you for your support as a VPS admin.

Krydos set up my VPS. It was just after the tragedy of losing cPanel. Still thank you for dealing with my VPS.
I see the day when your Plesk work is complete and your server can be built. I can always meet you on Discord.

Jenova is always a quick response. I know you are an excellent Moderator.

The VPS I lost will be assigned to someone. It will continue to support HelioNet and HelioHost.
I'm still using Tommy server and will get Plesk soon, but  want to get a better US server on HelioHost so I'll act later.
I am grateful for the response so far and for meeting you.

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