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HelioHost's Resurrection


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For me i would stay "temporary" on Cpanel. Just because i want that fiew month's of users being on Plesk, would indicate to me some (stability) on Plesk for users. Then i think it would be good to be on this new environment of Plesk.

If you want to copy my hole website, and put it on Plesk "for testing not already transfering my account". So you can experiment this new platform of Plesk with a copy of my website. Like that you could try the contact form with captcha, my different news section that auto-update, my free web search engine, the scripts of the pages; brief the many things i have put. When i say you can copy, i mean the administrators and moderators of Heliohost only. But as told what is important for my self, is simply to keep my heliohost url for my self; and peoples that visit my free personnal website.

Many years have passed since i have been on Heliohost. All of you that helped me with this old contact form with captcha, with my free web search engine and many more things you have done for me. Many thank's to all of you for your good intentions and help trough the years.

I know that some of you find my self not necessary to give my sincere thank's. It's always important for my self to give my appreciations and thanks, because in life there are peoples that dont say simply "thanks". I dont want to be one of these peoples. I never know when one day i could d ie of cancer or something else. I just want to be remember as a person that wanted good things for peoples and have done good things to the peoples.

I hope that my many suggestions for Plesk environment is a good idea? Just thinking for the goodness of the users.


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1 hour ago, ytmusic said:

Will the account suspension process start after we move to plesk?

Yes, once you move to Plesk we will begin monitoring inactivity, and if you don't use your account it will be taken offline to make space for active users. If you stay on cPanel to avoid inactivity we will eventually take the server offline though so your website will go offline that way too.

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Just a small status update for everyone. This doesn't need a full news post of its own.

The transfer process is going reasonably well, and while we have had a lot of unexpected issues, we're working through them and improving the system each day. We are now raising the number of accounts that are transferred each day to five. Keep an eye on your ETA at


and keep your other eye on your inbox because when it's your turn you'll receive an email with instructions on how to get moved immediately or wait longer. If you have any questions let us know.

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Thank's for your great work. I am more than 500 in the list. Gonna check my ETA from time to time and my email. I just hope to keep my url, keep my files for the peoples as my self that goes on my free personnal website? I also wonder if i'll have the same amount of space on plesk or bigger? I think that i might not be the only person that want to keep his/her url and amout of space. At leass writing you, you know that i still am with you, and still want to stay with you.

Once again thanks all for your great work. 👍

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