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First Phase of Plesk Migration


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The transition to the Plesk control panel is going great, but there's a lot of work left to do. The first phase of the Plesk migration has been completed.

All of our donors with active accounts have now been sent an invite to move to Plesk. If you've made a donation any time after 2020-07-14, and aren't on Johnny please let us know so we can get you moved over. As we've said before in previous news posts all of the Johnny users will be receiving new accounts so they don't count as existing accounts.

The next phase of the migration is to send invites to all of our donors who don't already have existing accounts, and the Johnny users who were hacked. The new account people have been added back into the ETA page https://www.heliohost.org/eta/ so you can see your position number again. We will begin sending out invites soon once new account creation has finished being tested. If you have any questions let us know.

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4 hours ago, rbtrading said:

Yesterday I was number 1 on https://www.heliohost.org/eta and today 408!! Is it a joke ? That's not serious at all!  If we are obliged to give money for the migration to Plesk to take place, say so frankly! I am really disappointed...

No, it's not a joke. We added the donors without existing account back into the database like I said we were going to all along. Do you think it would be fair for us to move your account before we allow our donors who have given over $300 onto Plesk? Everyone will get moved eventually, we're just making sure we do it in the fairest way possible.

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1 hour ago, vivek07 said:

Hello, I have not received any Link for Accessing my Account, Please do Transfer my Account as soon as possible.

You're still in line: https://www.heliohost.org/eta/?u=microst0 At number 2072, you've likely still got a few months to wait. You're in the free account group, which is scheduled to go last behind all donors, including those getting new accounts. The line is currently not moving at all since the next person in line is a donor needing a new account, and new accounts aren't implemented yet.

If you want to move quickly, you'll need to become a donor. Since all donors with an existing account went first, you'll be sent an email to let you move within 24-48 hours if you donate. If you're a donor already and your donation is not showing on that page, post the transaction ID and we can get that fixed so you can move. Please note that only donations made after July 14 2020 will count. If the donation is older than that, you'd need to re-donate.

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If donation is missing...
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