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Moving back to Tommy from VPS

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Hi all.

My account was moved to Plesk. Right now my main site is hosted on a VPS and its nameservers are managed by Cloudflare.

I am getting emails from Plesk stating that it failed to secure my domains with Let's Encrypt. I don't know if this is due to my Let's Encrypt certificates are managed by Cloudflare. What would be better, let Cloudflare continue to manage the Let's Encrypt certificates or have Plesk manage them? Which settings should I move in either case?

I have the following domains:

  • infantex.com.mx (main)
  • infantex.mx (alias for infantex.com.mx)
  • zaldivar.mx (add-on domain?)

Please note that both infantex.com.mx and zaldivar.mx's DNSs are managed by Cloudflare, infantex.mx's not.

Also infantex.com.mx website is currently in a Heliohost VPS. 

zaldivar.mx has no website, only email services and is also managed by the VPS (via HestiaCP).

infantex.com.mx mail is managed by a free G Suite Legacy account... which I will need to change since Google will discontinue that service this month.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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There's many different ways to configure things that will work, but what I recommend is:

Use a hosts file to make your browser think that your domains are hosted on (Plesk), and then make sure all your domains are working correctly on Plesk. With the hosts file only your computer will think the domain is on Plesk, and the rest of the world will continue getting your website from the VPS.

Then when everything is working correctly on Plesk log in to Cloudflare and change the A record from to This will make everyone's computers go to Plesk when they go to your domain. I recommend continuing to use Cloudflare for now because the DNS connection in Plesk isn't fully working yet so if you switch to our nameservers an admin will have to make changes for you. If you continue to use Cloudflare you can make the changes yourself and save us some work. If you're using Cloudflare's DNS you can use their SSL too.

For mail you'll want to make an MX record in Cloudflare pointed to if you want the emails to go to Plesk. You'll need to copy/paste the DKIM that Plesk provides and the SPF value mentioning Plesk's IP into Cloudflare to make your email sending work though because you'll have terrible spam scores without them. Let us know if you need help with any of that.

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OK. I added the line: infantex.com.mx

into my host file. In fact, it's the only uncommented line in the file.

After doing this, when I tried to access infantex.com.mx, I received a NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID error. Suggested solutions included using incognito mode (didn't work) and temporarily turning off the antivirus (still received the error but got the option to load the page anyway). It loaded but with a warning: The address bar shows: "Not safe" and "https" appears in red and strikethrough.

I guess that's due to the Let's Encrypt certificates not being issued by Plesk. How do I get the certificates from Cloudflare to Plesk and how can I automate it (I understand Cloudflare is renewing the Let's Encrypt certificates every three months).


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You can only issue SSL if you change the A record. The whole point of the hosts file is to test your site before you transfer the A record over. If you don't want to test your site first you can just skip the hosts file entirely and edit the A record.

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OK. The site seemed to be working fine when I made the test with the edited hosts file. The only issue being the safety warnings. So, I went ahead and changed the A record on Cloudflare. All seems to be working fine. I'll check again tomorrow to let the DNS change propagate.

I'll look into zaldivar.mx's email next.

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