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Renting peoples expropriated in 2021 and 5 Millions dollars in 2022 for a structure of a Ring in Montréal Québec


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I am not sure if it's ok to put this subject here in "other discussion" or if would be better in "political discussion"?

Not even sure if it's ok to mention about it here. But i think about it, for the heart i have for the lives of peoples. Here is the story with web official news sources:

In 24 april 2021 a lot of peoples in the city of Montréal Québec has been taken out of rents, for the reason of high building maintenance. When they come back to there rent, the price of the rent many have rised of like 300$ Canadian and more; some monthly rent have doubled of price and more. Because of the cost of life (rent, electricity, phone, internet, food, transport, city taxes, etc.) Versus there working money. Many are taken out of there home. Here is a "french" video source of a manifestation about the subject:


This month of June 2022, it is said that there will be a huge steel ring between two medium skyscraper building, of the cost of 5 millions of dollars simply to attract peoples in the city of Montréal Québec. Source:


So one one side of the coin or balance if you prefer. A 5 millions dollars for a structure in 2022, and before in 2021 many lives taken out of there rent and house. So peoples wonder what is more important? 5 Millions of dollars to help lives or 5 Millions dollars for a simple art structure of a steel ring; that peoples are sure gonna cost again for the maintenance of it trough the years?

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