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[HH#679770] Support Needed


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Username: N/A, Server: N/A, Main Domain: N/A

Hello Reader,
I Jayant Malik want to thank you for your support and service towards the
community. I am excited to support this mission, I have spare computing
resources, A complete computer lab with 50+ PCs, I am willing to contribute
these resources towards the community. Then I thought of providing hosting
by creating a cloud of these systems. All PCs have 32GB+ of RAM and 4TB of

Could you guide me to some resources or explain to me how I could create a
hosting service, so we could also offer similar services to heliohost to
the community, within our country and around the world.

Any kind of advice or support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Heliohost

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The main thing you need if you want to become a hosting provider is a control panel. HelioHost used cPanel exclusively for 16 years, and paid an exorbitant amount of money to them over that time, only to have them revoke our licenses with absolutely no prior warning. I don't recommend going with cPanel. They are by far the most expensive option, and apparently they are willing to try to destroy your entire company for absolutely no reason. If you want to provide free hosting you should make an agreement to get a discounted control panel, or use a free option.

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