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Does some peoples have infos about videos banner


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Hi there

Maybe you have seen like on MSN some banner video that showed some water waves? Maybe you have seen some other video banner?

I have done fiew search. Some say you put some video on youtube of some size, that have some time length and some fps (frame per seconds); then you link the banner zone to the youtube video. Some say you create some type of video and put on some other video hosting place. Some say the banner is 600px by 250px heigh, other say 300px by 250px heigh. There are peoples that say the video length is max 30 seconds. There are peoples that say its 24fps, others 30fps max.

I would like one day, know how to do theses video banner for my personnal free website; maybe for friends also. But i wonder how to do all free (personnal or commercial use). I think that i'm not the only one that have seen this type of video banner and wonder how it work every steps.

Thanks for your time and help.

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You can create a video banner by creating an animated gif. There are plenty of free web services for creating gifs out of videos that you can search for. The dimensions of the banner that would depend on your website. Try different sizes and see how they look on your site.

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