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You can now link your Discord account to your HelioHost account in order to receive invitation links to create an account on Plesk. Since Gmail has decided they don't want you to have a free hosting account on Plesk we have come up with a better way to get information to you. Messages were sent from computer to computer as early as the 1960s, but in 1971 the first email address with an @ symbol was invented. 51 years later it might be time to move on to something better if Gmail refuses to cooperate with us.

If you're interested in trying it out you can go to https://heliohost.org/eta/ and type in your username or email address. Then on your ETA page there will be a Discord button. Click that and it will ask you to grant it permission to know who you are and permission to add you to the HelioHost Discord server. Once you grant those permissions it will send you a direct message with a link that you can use to validate that the system is working. If you have DMs disabled the bot won't be able to send you messages so make sure you have DMs enabled in your privacy settings. If you leave the HelioHost Discord server the bot won't be able to send you DMs anymore either. Let us know if you have any trouble linking your accounts, or if the DM doesn't arrive.

Right now the Discord link is only for accounts who haven't been moved to Plesk yet, but if people let us know that they like receiving Discord notifications better than emails we can implement this same system for Plesk accounts as well. Personally I think Discord pings are way less likely to get missed than overbearing spam filters that you can't even turn off. Let us know what you think.

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Yes, we are planning on adding Discord linking to both shared hosting account and VPS. However, Plesk requires an email address on file, and VPS use PayPal for payments so they require an email address on file as well. Once your Discord account is linked to your HelioHost account you will receive all of your notifications via Discord.

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