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Request for unparking my domain

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Hi there!

Since that was getting started migration process from CPanel, I have a serious problem for unpark my domain from your hosting. Actually I cannot park my domain in other hosting because you have blocked this option for unparking domains due this migration process and login page is disabled.

I need your help for complete unparking domain process, because I need use my domain in other trusly hosting.

The user is f5kx4p8k and the server is Ricky.

Thanks for help me. Regards.

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For any domain you own (looks like a .tk), you can just change your name servers at your registrar if you wish to host the domain with a different hosting company. As soon as you change the name servers away from ours (and DNS propagates), our service will have no effect on your domain anymore. Please keep in mind that your .tk domain may also have been cancelled by Freenom (they're infamous for doing that, usually to extort money from the user). If that happens, you would need to see if you can register it again over there.

Please note that your account's free subdomain lagrimasyrisas.heliohost.org cannot be taken to a different web host

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