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[Solved] Change Document Root Path


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Hello, I need to have the ability to change the Document Root, to upload my files wich depend on having the "index.html" file inside a "public" directory so I can set the "public" directory as my Document Root.
At the moment, I can only store the "index.html" file directly under the "httpdocs/" directory to be accessed when I visit my webpage.

I did not find the option anywhere to change the Document Root. I can see how/where it is configured, but in this view, there is no way to change the path by my self.
Is this intentionally or a bug?

Best regards

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It's intentionally disabled at the moment because it's part of the ability to manage domains, which isn't ready yet. This will probably become available when we finally get the DNS integration for adding domains working and turn on the ability for users to manage their own domains.

In the meantime, what domain needs to be edited and what folder do you want the root set to? We can change it on our end.

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