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Update Krydos documentation to Python 3.10


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While I was first getting Python set-up, I followed the krydos.gitbook.io documentation a bit too literally.

Very easy to follow, except there's a minor bug in it: Python 3.7 is specified. This is too specific, since Python 3.7 is not installed by default (at least not on Tommy). The provided example will return a 500 Internal Server Error because it won't resolve properly.

Consider replacing 3.7 by 3 in the documentation. The Modules section should probably be updated to mention 3.10 instead of 3.7.


import sys
print("Content-Type: text/html\n\n"
      f"Heliohost rules!<br>\n"
      f"Running Python {sys.version}"


Naturally, using #!/usr/bin/python3.10 works as well. But that would require updating the code/documentation again when 3.11 becomes the default.

If Python 2.x is no longer supported, it may be time to retire this from the documentation as well.

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A lot of our documentation is outdated since it references CPanel and what we had installed on it. I would assume once all the servers are back open, one of the two people who have access to the documentation will update it accordingly.

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Technically anyone with a Github account can edit our wiki. Just fork it, make your changes, and create a pull request. We will review the changes, and if it looks good we can merge it into our main documentation. You can find detailed instructions on how to contribute at https://wiki.helionet.org/misc/contributing I can update the wiki myself eventually, but my time is better spent doing higher priority things that not as many people have access or knowledge to do.

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