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[Solved] Lily account request


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Hello, I would like to request a Lily account to be able to run .net apps (such as a C# Discord bot or a game master server of some sorts for a game Im working on, assuming that's allowed). I already have an account on the Johny server.
My username is dawid8

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What domain do you want the account to have? (Note that due to the DNS integration issues, Lily accounts require a domain with external DNS, they currently don't support using our own DNS so a free subdomain isn't an option). The easiest solution would be a freenom domain and cloudflare.

EDIT: Nevermind, apparently I can create a subdomain for you. It'll be http://lily.dawid8.helioho.st/ once I figure out why it's showing as suspended. I'll send a PM when its ready.

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Figured out the DNS
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