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[Solved] Unable to login


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I wasn't able to login within 30 days due to the transition to Plesk. Can you please activate it?


Username: pancho88

Server: Ricky

Domain: pancho88.heliohost.org

Email: soy_panchocolate@hotmail.com


Thanks for all your great work!

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I got an email when Plesk was ready so I moved my account and then received another email stating that my account was successfully transferred. The latest email has a button that says Login To Plesk and points to https://heliohost.org/login. But after clicking on it I went to the web and there was no way of login in. So, I requested a password reset, but that change only took place in helionet instead of heliohost (I mean, the new password only gives me access to helionet).

I used the last 3 passwords that I remembered for HelioHost, but all those (using both, my email and my user name) were wrong. I'm sending you an attachment of the error I was given when login in.

I already went to  https://heliohost.org/renew/ and reactivated my account. But I'm still unable to login...


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