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Is hotlinking allowed?


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Is hotlinking allowed for heliohost sites? I will be hosting my photography portfolio site and my .NET development site here... And I will need to hotlink my images and ZIP files (Don't worry, they are less than 100kb each) here... I tried many other free webhosts before stumbling upon this one :rolleyes: but they all have hotlinking disabled...

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I believe that you are allowed to hotlink on HelioHost as long as the link does not violate any of the Terms of Service.


By "hotlinking", I presume you mean...


<a href="http://myothersite.com/images.zip">Download the images!</a>


Yes, something like that. I've seen free hosting sites disable hotlinking using apache's htaccess... so if it's implemented here I'm outta here :ph34r:

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