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Microsoft Exchange server

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I was wondering if it was at all possible to get Microsoft Exchange server or is that only available for Windows OS only? I was just curious, It's not a feature I need or anything. Thanks!

There are plenty of alternatives to ms exchange out there. http://www.rawseo.com/news/2009/06/08/5-op...osoft-exchange/ and the comments on that page are a decent place to start.


On a more personal note (albeit more ranting note) Microsoft has really done a bang up job of worming their way into schools and peoples minds while their young and vulnerable and convincing them that they have to shell out thousands of dollars to get the things done on their computers that they need to do. They get people so hopelessly hooked on their software products that people don't even think it's possible to do what they know how to do with MS software, and when confronted with an open source alternative or some sort of legit (non spyware laden) freeware they just dismiss it without even giving it a real try. Honestly, most of the open source software I use anymore has matured over the last 10 years or so that I think it's actually superior in functionality and capability. I think it should work the opposite way: Try the free software first and get used to it and THEN try out the $400 software from some MS or MS-clone company and ask yourself is it really worth that price? The way it is now is you go to your college software shop and they hand you that $400 software for $1 and you wet yourself in excitement and run home to learn every nuance of your beloved new program. Perhaps I have grown a little cynical...


Just my opinion.

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