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Stevie Account Queued


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Hey Guys,


It appears that Stevie has reverted to the account queued page again cause the wiki and other pages are all showing it as well as my site.


Although I'm sure you guys have already noticed. Anyway can you let us know when its restored.



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Top Posters In This Topic

Hi guys,


Is it just me or is there an issue with Stevie causing it to revert active accounts to an ACCOUNT QUEUED page?


I had access just fine to my site last night but today it keeps going to this page?? Cpanel is working fine.


My details:


username: mindf

domain: www.mindfieldrecords.net

server: stevie


Is it an issue with stevie?



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I'm getting the "Account Queued" message as well. I'm on Stevie. I've been regularly logging in to cPanel through the home page to insure this does not happen (it happened to me before because I was going directly to cPanel rather than through the home page).


Please look into this. Thank you.



Richard Rupert

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