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Google: Big evil company or humanity's best friend?


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Google+ is fine. When I first heard about it I just laughed and asked why the heck the world needed another version of Facebook? Then I used it a bit and it's pretty decent and different enough from all the other social media stuff that it might be able to carve itself out a little niche. I've liked pretty much everything google has done, and the privacy stuff is fine with me. It's annoying to see retarded ads that don't don't appeal to me at all than it is to see kind of cool ads that I might actually be interested in, ya know? It's fine with me if they get to know me a little to show me stuff that I like anyways.


The only problem I have with google is all the damn censorship they've taken it upon themselves to do lately. Screw that. Censorship is bs. It's not my fault that 98% of internet users are retarded and download every virus they come within six bytes of. I want to see the entire internet, not just the portion you have arbitrarily decided should be available to me. Meh!

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Twitter wll be very useful For getting information(especially news). Start to use it now. if you use twitter,You will gather more knowledge. If you use facebook, you will get more friends(In my point of view, facebook for entertainment) . So I am using both.


By following http://twitter.com/HelioHost , you will get instant updates about heliohost.

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Twitter sucks. It was designed by some sadistic bastard who loathes long-winded fellows such as myself. How anyone can ever say anything in 140 characters or less completely baffles me. Now that silly wanker is laughing his ass off because twitter has gotten so popular that it is single handedly killing whatever literary eloquence that the world may have once possessed. Read some classic literature and you'll wonder, as I do, how the world's average IQ could have dropped roughly fifty points in the last couple hundred years.

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