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[Solved] Tommy tmp full, 500 internal error

22 February 2021 - 03:43 PM

I am getting 500 internal error each time I try to gain access in to phpmyadmin.

I also noticed Tommy tmp full, could it be the reason for that error?

[Solved] 403 Forbidden Error

22 February 2021 - 05:43 AM

Ok, I think something is wrong with my account because my two website are both throwing 403 error at the moment.
My website:

At first I think it to be files and folders permission so i checked all the files and folders but permission are all set correctly. (Folders:0755 & files:0644)
More so I proceed to renamed my .htaccess file to see maybe .htaccess is the corrupted file but still same error

I will be grateful if the admins can take a look to see what could be wrong and how to fix it.

Thanks in advance

Weird Forum

02 February 2021 - 05:09 PM

I was looking for something on google when I stumbled upon this weird forum.
The thing is that it has almost all users and posts of helionet. I even tested it by putting my Helionet username and password and it worked

Here is the link to the forum https://hn.brody.heliohost.org/index/

My questions is; does Heliohost have double forum or someone has hijacked the Helionet database?

[Solved] Suspended Maijo

20 September 2020 - 05:52 AM

I think I have overload the server and get suspended for it.

Pls unsuspend my account so I can try work around on my loads sir.

Username: maijo

Thanks for the great services